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Forced Entery Stereoscopic by rasonjowe Forced Entery Stereoscopic by rasonjowe
More fun with stereoscopic images.

Here is a link on how to view them [link]
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yellowishhaze Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010
I tell ya that my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted - nevermore. Simply wonderful. Congrats!
rasonjowe Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010
yatu-ex Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
the floating window adds a lot to the overall mystic impression of the picture! i really don't bother, to me it adds a certain "stage-like" quality which enriches the atmosphere a lot :thumbsup:! nice stereo!
rasonjowe Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2009
Thanks, this piece was just me playing with my new tablet but I find myself gravitating back to the ink and paper... old habits die hard.
Marazolas Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
I agree that the window is floating, not the wrong angle. But, I dont think this is a flaw in your original painting, it's a shortcoming of the process used to create the image. Taking a 2D image and trying to recreate a 3D affect is never going to be perfect in my opinion.

what could help is if the wall that the window was on wasn't completely black and if we could see the corner, that might help... or also another object in the room that would recede to the vanishing point like the window does.

Or, I guess, if this is like your other and you just took two photos of the painting, you could copy the window from one image and paste it onto the other so it stays 2D... might work.

Ok now I'm over-analyzing (I'm at work and it's slow so I have nothing else to do... well, I do, but..) and I think I see the problem. The window and the further, destroyed wall don't fit together. You can see the window recede into space, which is fine, but the wall that is destroyed is further away, which makes it smaller. However, if you look at the destroyed part of the wall you can see that the wall exists much higher than the whole. This throws off the perspective that it's further away because in 2D relation to the window it's higher when it should be lower than the top of the window. Normally that would be fine, because windows dont sit at the top of the ceiling in most cases but we can't see any of the wall for reference. Maybe if the window were smaller it would help.

Hope that makes sense.
rasonjowe Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
hmmm..... Not really sure if I care enough to go back and edit. Maybe when I get some free time after Xmas. It can be a hang over project for after New Years!
spiritofcat Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like stefmixo said, there's a bit of a problem with the window.
It looks like it is floating in the air not touching the wall.
I think part of the problem is that some of the smoke sits deeper into the wall than the window does.
Wonderful work in all other aspects though.
rasonjowe Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009
Again thanks for the kind words. The smoke at the wrong depth is just the tip of the ice burg sadly. The overall geometry and perspective is off in the piece, never mind the 3D that makes it more obvious. Hmm.... Not sure if I will bother editing it or just move on to the next piece.
Felipegm Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009
WOW!!! :wow:

the smoke effect is great! the shadows too! great job man!
rasonjowe Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009
Super thanks!
stefmixo Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009  Professional Photographer
Awesome! The window's angle is not correct (I tried to do this too, I failed too) but the rest is great. :thumbsup:
rasonjowe Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009
thanks, I really have no idea how to get the angles right but it sure is fun to play with. Do you use Photo Shop too?
stefmixo Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009  Professional Photographer
95% of times, I use PaintShopPro. (easier to use and I already created a bunch of scripts for almost everything). I use Photoshop only for the big panoramas (>>100Mpix) because it uses the RAM more efficiently, where PSP would be slowed down by the huge amount of data to process.
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